Thursday, August 1, 2019

You look a million dollars

The last 12 years, I keep hearing about a a fashion chain that sells lots of clothes.  They recently opened their largest in Birmingham.  People come out buy several bags worth of clothes.  What's it about, so I went to have a look myself.  I was disgusted!  Cheap clothes, poorly made and poor materials!  The cut of the men's suits was rubbish, the shiny polyester fabric was just too much.  I guess I take after my mother when it comes to appreciating good quality.

I do wonder about the Brits.  As a champion for gentlemanly and sportsmanlike behaviour, they support a racing driver who, whilst talented, is sore loser.  Yet people are so starved for a hero, they support him.  I will forever be Tifosi.  When it comes to food,  well, Chinese, Italian and Indian gets bastardised into something else.  Still, things have improved.  They like crispy duck and tagine.  Not just steak and chips.  When it comes to clothes, we have the dreaded brand that so many like and defend.  Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in paying too much, but pay for quality.  I don't do cheap, to shout about it and then think that cheapness should be commended.  British used to be known for quality clothes and a leader in fashion in Europe.  You wouldn't find it acceptable to buy a car and for it to be badly put together.  Actually, badge snobbery is a thing when it comes to cars in Britain.  But why drive a nice car and wear cheap clothes?  When people say "you look a million dollars", don't say that, because it's rather rather ironic and it is a lie.  I rather like the Continental way, where less is more.  You pay more because of the style, design and quality.  If you love your clothes, they will last.  

Lastly, the fast fashion movement is very bad for the environment.  a lot of surplus, yet quite new clothes are sent to landfill or to charity shops.  Charity shops now get too much and more than they can sell.  Some are donated to Third World countries.  However, why should people in the third world get given poor clothes?  People in the know, go to charity shops to buy good quality clothes.  Now they are flooded with cheap tat.


I've not posted for some 3 years now.  I haven't even counted the days, yet I can say not a lot has happened in my life.  Yet, I have been busy.

It's been some 3 years since Brexit was announced.  We've on our third Prime Minister in so many years.  I liked David Cameron and Theresa May.  I knew they would both be Prime Minister one day.  Dave felt he had to quit the Commons after resigning as the leader of the Conservatives.  Theresa I thought had a lot going against her.  I felt she meant well, but luck was not with her.  Being the second female PM was not going to be an easy ride.

We now have Boris Johnson.  I never would have thought he'd get there, at least not after all the gaffs he's made.  However, he did quite well as Mayor of London.  One thing I have noticed about Boris is that, despite the appearance bumbling idiot and a man who can't keep his mouth shut.  Never take him for a fool.  He's well educated, witty and very intelligent.  I might be wrong, be might be the leader we need.  Sometimes a bit of chaos is great to shake things up a little.