Sunday, July 17, 2016

When tourist should know their place

Every year, for the pass few years, we hear about Chinese tourists behaving badly and it is not just a rumour or hearsay.  Videos have been shot documenting on where and when the dead was done.  Most countries welcome tourists, but whilst some can be very difficult.  I think Mainland Chinese really top the bill for being the least liked, before being rude, aggressive, obnoxious and filthy.  Vandalism or cultural relics, wildlife and fouling on the streets to give a few general examples.

Last year, a Chinese tourist thought it was funny to interact with one of the Queen's guard.  It is not funny, these are professional soldiers who are doing a job.  The fact that they are wearing a special uniform does not mean they are to be toyed with.  As this chap found out and as rumours got, he ran for his life and was in shock afterwards.  That was what observers said about the camp following the incident.

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