Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Brexit - The calm after the storm!

This week, the Conservatives have finally got a new leader in the form of Theresa May.  A finalist by default as the last nominee stepped aside to allow Theresa May to be leader by default.  Yesterday David Cameron officially stepped down and Theresa May officially became the new Prime Minister and the second female prime minister in British history.  Even before She was appointed by Her Majesty The Queen, the value of the pound slowly increased and still continued today.  Today, a new cabinet was formed and things are looking positive.  British is leaving the EU, there is no turning back. In less the 24 hours, Whitehall was starting to change.  Out goes the departments that had little value and incomes the team that will lead Britain out of the EU.  I have high hopes it will work and Theresa May means business.  This is a lady the EU will take seriously.  

David Cameron's legacy was that he lead Britain out of the gloom and doom, after more than a decade of the Blair years.  It was tough, but Britain is much better for it.  As much as a lot of people hate the Conservative Party, I do wonder is it the policies or the fact that a large number of their members are middle class or firmly in the establishment.  I have been a Conservative voter for years and yes there are policies I can't accept.  The Poll Tax being one, but in Cameron's time, cutting the benefits of the sick and disabled was a bit too far.  Some people just can't work and yet were made to.  Yet, plenty of economic refugees and dole spongers out there can work, but won't.  If Cameron was really politically brave, these are the people he should tackle.  Not the sick, the trainee doctors and arm forces veterans.  As much as Cameron was not perfect, he was not Tony Blair and I firmly believed he cared.  I like many people enjoyed his performances at the dispatch box every Wednesday at Prime Ministers Question Time.  Jeremy Corbyn never stood a chance.

In two weeks, the Conservative Party has a new leader.  Labour are still no closer to agreeing who should be on the ballot as to who will be their leader…

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