Saturday, September 20, 2014

Scottish independence

On Thursday 18th of September 2014, Scots went to the polls to vote for independence from the rest of the UK.  Alex Salmond MSP has been fighting for independence for decades and at last, he got what he asked for.

On Friday the 19th September, the results came in.  The Scots voted No.  It was quite ironic, how a nation who often seemed so bitter about being part of the UK, voted to remain in the union.  That's 55% over 45% who voted Yes.

The whole thing was a waste of public time and money.  But it had to be done, because Britain is a democracy and the will of the people have to be respected.  That done, we can all now get on with our lives. Is there ever going to be a role for Alex Salmond to play, after all, his existence was about independence and his whole career was that and nothing else.  I sometimes wonder if it was ever about the benefit of Scots to be an independent nation.  He clearly wanted to be the leader of Scots, but he had nothing else to offer anybody.  His policies were laced with untruths and sums that didn't add up.  Forget about the oil reserves (which have been slowly dwindling for decades) and the lack of currency (how naive can a grown man be).  There was never an answer regarding employment opportunities.  And why do so many Scots move south of the border to seek employment?

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