Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tai Ch Open, Oxford, April 2014

I competed at this years Tai Chi Open.  Considering how sick I was last year.  I wasn't originally thinking of competing as I thought I wasn't going t o be well enough.  Then I decided I will just to hand forms.  As I got a little better I decided to do weapons as well.  By March, I ended up signing to compete in five categories.  It is probably more than I could chew, but it was not just about medals, but to show I am ready to get back out there.

It was a mixed bag in terms of results.  My hand forms were better than they ever were, but missed out on medals.  The competition was tough.  I messed up my sabre form and I got the points I deserved.  I did get a bronze medal for Tai Chi spear.  Finally, my best form and I got a medal for it.  At least it was something to bring home and it wasn't because it was an easy category with four competitors, but it meant something to me for my efforts, all things considered.

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