Friday, February 21, 2014

HK trip 2014

I went back to HK for Chinese New Year this year.  Time to see family and some shopping.  I haven't been back to HK since September 2012.  Last year, I was unwell, so it wouldn't have been a good idea.  HK hasn't changed much.  However it isn't the same as how it used to be.  The general mood is that HK'ers aren't generally getting on with those from the mainland.  I am on their side.  As much as I love and respect my culture and heritage.  Chinese tourist from the mainland are a challenged.  Rare are a group of tourists that are both loved (for the money they may spend) and hated (for their very poor behaviour, lack of common decency and rudeness).  They are now everywhere in HK.  What may have been a cheap place for locals to enjoy, are now stuffed full of mainland tourists eager to have their bit.  I am all for better and closer relations with the mainland, but there has to be mutual respect.  And now they can be found in many of the large European cities, either as tourist or those that came here as political refuges (economic more like).

I have been to everywhere in HK, so it was nice to go hiking and go to place not often visited, like the hike up Victoria Peak.  It will be a while before I go back again.  But HK is a resilient place, and despite what mainlanders think, the normal HK way of life will go on.  You can force changes to certain things, but push too hard and things will crumble.  The Chinese Central Government is wiser than that of Russia.  It is unlikely military force will be used.  They know that HK'ers aren't happy and they do car what the press and outsiders see and say.

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