Friday, February 28, 2014

Kodo Concert, Brighton, 2014

I have only been to two concerts in my life.  Strange but true.  The first was the Eagles back in 1996 and the second was Kodo.  I knew of Kodo the Japanese taiku drumming troupe for many years, but never really listened them properly.  I have always liked the sound of large drums and this was further deepened by lion dancing culture.  The sound of large drums inspires and motivates me.  I have long found that popular music doesn't appeal to me and over the years, I have discovered a like for traditional folk music.

It was late last year, when I started to develop a taste for Japanese taiku drumming.  I've always admired the Japanese spirit when it comes to perfection and it was a time when I wanted to find music that moved me.  Kodo does that and I listen to them when I train.  Kodo isn't just about drums, they also include in their repertoire, flute, string instrument such as the shamisen and dancing.  So when I found out that they were touring he UK, I had to go.

People often say that Kodo are brilliant performers and always impress.  They aren't wrong, the power and the passion is quite something.  Whilst only about a third of the group came on tour, it was a two hour show.  There was sufficient variety, but my favourite part was the O-Daiku.  This a a giant size drum made from a large tree trunk.  It takes a man of much strength to create the sound that does it justice.  Every player pours his heart and soul into that performance and it shows.  I was thoroughly impressed and I will intend to see them again.  10/10

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