Sunday, October 20, 2013

What will Apple do next?

Apple have been quite influential over the last decade or so.  Since the the late Steve Jobs came back, the company he founded has gone from strength to strength.  Apple is a benchmark in the word of design.  No matter what you think of its product, you cannot deny that Apple cannot be ignored.  Apple are innovators and they do things differently.  Whether you like their approach is another matter.  Computers have become more desirable, smaller, more shiny.  iPhones stand on their own.  But how long will the bubble hold?  What will Apple have up its sleeve?  Apple was never a me too company.  Apple might not be just for designers these days, but it is not for everybody.  The prices will never drop (not much), and even if they did, Apple products don't suit everybody.  So where next?

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