Sunday, August 4, 2013

Battlestar Galactica

I've recently started watching Battlestar Galactica (BSG), the reimagined 2004 series.  I enjoyed the original back in the eighties, but I never got watch it ever again.  I knew the reimagined series was around, but I never really had the inclination to watch it.  It was only after watching The Office, the US version, that I felt I would like to watch it.

What can I say, it is good.  It has quality production values and good storylines and characters that are not one dimensional.  It about people's battles with survival and how they relate to each other.  It is not just about war and fighting and yes, those scenes are good.  There is a lot to weigh in on good and evil, and nobody is perfect.  It is both a good and bad thing that it was only four season's long.  Some space dramas, sci-fi and fantasy franchises have dragged on for too long.  In my opinion, it can ruin a franchise.  It should be about quality and not quantity.  Take Heroes, it was pretty original, but by the time it got to the last two seasons, you wonder why are we dragging it on?  Buffy the vampire slayer, pretty much the same stuff every week, you watch one episode and you've watched them all.  Star Trek the Next Generation should have ended by the end of the fifth season.  But no, the producers just dragged it on and the stories got sillier and sillier.  The Enterprise started to look a bit empty as people were taken off to work on DS9.  I liked DS9, it was an original concept and although I never got to watch much, it was  largely positive.  What I didn't like was Voyager and Enterpise.  Voyager was just plain silly in every way and a severe act of desperation.  Enterprise was pretty scraping the barrel and in trying, ruined the Star Trek franchise.  After nearly twenty years and two reimagined films later.  I cannot say Star Trek is as good as it was.

BSG was a lot of things Star Trek isn't and will never be.  Star Trek was Sci-Fi for the idealists with hope being key.  BSG was sic-fi with a dose of realism.  No silly aliens and politically correct nonsense.  I might not like the idea of people smoking, drinking and having affairs, but isn't it like that in the real world?  Even good people have bad days and even good people do bad things and bad people can come good.  If I wanted aliens, I watch Aliens.

BSG did something others didn't.  They did spin-offs for the purpose of exploring different story lines, which I think is good.  Disney is doing this for the Avengers and the Star Wars franchises.  Having films for individual characters is the good thing.  It is a platform to expand on certain characters and by doing so, you're not boring viewers with gap fillers like Jar Jar Binks.