Thursday, March 14, 2013

It is time for a pope from ........ !

Yesterday the world witnessed the election of a new pope. In my life so far, I have only known three. I am not Roman Catholic, but I feel it is a religion that offers much. I wouldn't say I was a liberal, but personally, I don't have issues with women clergy, homosexuals or contraception. The world is a different place and although the Pope cannot openly support certain things, it is not to say that they don't turn a blind eye. For example, in Italy, there are special offers on condoms during the week, but on Sunday, there are not. There has been an awful lot about child abuse by the clergy, but that is not to say it is exclusively a Catholic problem. This happens in a lot of places and even in faiths where you wouldn't expect that, considering how much they rant on about Shangri-La etc. Relations with the Anglican and the Jews have improved. I can never see why Christians have a problem with Jews. After all, Jesus was a Jew and therefore, they should be natural allies. The election of a new pope made me think how stupid a lot of people are. It should be about merit and who can best lead the Roman Catholic religion. To say (and they said this rubbish during the previous election for a new pope too) it is time for a pope from somewhere else is rubbish. To say it is time for an African pope is nonsense, as is time for a pope from Asia or the Americas is nonsense. The pope should be elected from the most suitable candidates, not because of where you come from. Electing a pope is not like appointing a General Secretary of the United Nations, where the job is given to somebody on each continent. So we've had an African in the job, now we've had a South Korean, who represents Asia. So it would be the Americas next followed by Europe. It makes me cringe when I hear this type of nonsense. If the stupid people of this planet had it their way, each candidate would have to prove themselves like talentless acts from reality tv and then they will all vote. Enough is enough!

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