Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dim Sum?

I was looking a for a decent Chinese restaurant for Dim Sum, as part of a family get together. Whilst reading the reviews, it has come to my attention, something that I have noticed for years. Why to Westerners insist on going to a dim sum restaurant and insist on ordering from the a'la carte menu? The restaurant is geared towards dim sum making and serving during the morning and early afternoon. Why not try dim sum, rather than insist on eating the same dishes you get at you local take away. People like that are a nuisance as they often have something to winge about. Usually, narrow-minded middle class people, usually women, who know their Chinese food and therefore know best. You go to a Chinese BBQ roast meat restaurant and what they serve is rice and noodle dishes with roast meat. You go to a regional Chinese restaurant and they serve non-Cantonese, regional dishes. At the dim sum restaurant, you eat dim sum, not aromatic crispy duck and end up looking a prune. But it is this sort of attitude that prevents the taking up and acceptance of new cuisines. People tend to eat the same thing. So Italian restaurants everywhere serve the same thing, as do Indian and Thai. I take my hat off to restaurant owners who put a sign up to say that they're only serving XY and Z on a certain day or at certain hours. You want a same thing from morning to midnight, go to McDonalds.