Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fruit tea? Um no thanks

I really am not sure as to what is the Western obsession with fruit teas. I am not against some flavouring, but these days Twinings has huge variety of teas, all largely with fruit. I am more conservative in the taste and I prefer companies to stick to what they do best. Twinings should really lay off the coffee and stick to tea. Let somebody who excels in coffee trade in coffee. Just stick to tea. I've seen fruit teas in the shops for years and I've always found the concept to be a bit gay. I mean, what sort of man drinks this stuff. It is not tea and nor is it masculine. I've never had any time for de-caf either. I mean, if you don't want caffeine, don't drink it. The next comes the weak tea merchants. Again, a waste of good tea. Now Twinning sells green teas, and what do they do? Spice some up with mango, lemon, mint. Mint? Yes, mint. The idea is rank and vile. Twinings have clearly lost the plot and they don't really understand tea any more. The I've read, they changed the recipe for Earl Grey and it did not do down well with the loyal drinkers. The new formula has more orange flavour, and did they ask whether the drinkers will like it? No. With protests going on, the original is available on mail order. I'm not buying their Earl Grey for a while. I just wish they stopped mucking around and stick to what they once were good at.