Saturday, May 12, 2012

Monochrome is not a mistake

Leica have pushed the boundaries a little this year.  They've brought out a version of their M9 which shoots in monochrome.  A lot of people think this is a step backwards, but it is really how you see it.  A digital camera that shoots in black and white sounds like commercial suicide to a lot of people.  Perhaps it would be for say Casio, Canon et al, but not Leica.  To be fair, the advances in technology mean image quality is getting better all the time, but then why not do something in black and white?  Leica is a serious player in photography and they provide photographers with cameras and lenses they want to use.  People do still want to take pictures in black and white, so why not a camera made just for that.  I can see where the doubters are coming from, but it black and white isn't for you, then you should stop complaining and look elsewhere.

Then we come to the X2, the successor to the X1.  I wouldn't have a problem parting my hard earned cash for one.  But for many, the idea of paying for a camera with a fixed lens, makes no sense at all.  Then again, they ought to consider the fact that, something like this isn't for them.  So go and buy a Panasonic Lumix instead.