Saturday, December 3, 2011

When dieting takes the wrong path

Recently, I heard something very stupid that I feel I have to share. A lot of Hong Kongers, especially women, like to be thin. Okay, there is nothing wrong with that, a lot of women elsewhere want this as well. The odd thing is, some of these women look fine. So what's the problem. If your partner can't take you as you are, then the problem is theirs. So there are many crazes that people do in order to lose weight. Here are a few... 

Do yoga, because yoga is good for losing weight
Do Qigong, because qigong is good for losing weight
Do Tai Chi, because tai chi is good for losing weight
Join a gym, because working out is good for losing weight
Take certain medicinal herbs, because they are good for losing weight
Go anorexic, because you're bound to lose weight

These ways of thinking are flawed. If they ate less junk food, they probably wouldn't be in this mess...

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