Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Three legged fame

I believe in karma, I really do.  Its not about doing a good deed today and receive good luck tomorrow.  The Laws of Karma doesn't always work like that and it isn't like that for a lot of the time.  Good deeds should be done and the good karma ought to be banked.  Over a period of time, possibly a lifetime, you may receive the good karma like interest.  You might never receive this during this lifetime, so when you come back in another life, you might receive it then.  The same can be said regarding bad deeds.  For every bad deed, bad deeds deduct from the good deeds accumulated.  It sounds weird, but that's how I understand it and it is in layman's terms.

I was listening to RTHK R2 this morning and they were talking about the three legged cat of Kowloon City.  The story goes that a stray cat was sleeping under a goods vehicle one night.  It woke up the next morning limping about.  So it seems that one leg was under the wheel and the driver drove away unaware as to the fact there was a cat sleeping under the vehicle.  There were sightings of this cat and one day it came to one butcher's stall to see if anybody would be good enough to give it something to eat.  The cat got got lucky and the butcher began to take notice.  He got worried the next day, when he noticed that the cat never came back.  So he went to find it and did so.  The cat was in a very poor state anyway and without immediate care, it would eventually die.  The butcher took the cat to the vets to have the necessary operation done.  It cost him about HKD 20,000 (nearly £2,000) of his own money.  The cat had the bad leg amputated and the butcher adopted this cat as his pet.  The cat now can be seen outside the butchers, near the market complex.

A lot of people would have pitied the cat, but it took a kind heart to do what the butcher did.  The sum was by no means a small amount of money, but how many would have spent this kind of money on an animal that wasn't even his.  I think in circumstances such as this, it shows us who has the biggest heart.  But it is also karma at work.  The cat lost it's leg due to a bad deed done in a previous life.  It was saved because of good deeds done in a previous life.  It was a stray who had nothing to eat and nowhere to stay.  This was because of a bad karma, but it will probably live out the rest of it's natural life in relative comfort, because of good karma.  The butcher rescued this cat, because it owed it in a previous life.  Being a butcher is not a trade that enables you to accrue much good karma, but that doesn't mean the people are not kind.  The butcher will have accrued positive karma as a result of this kind act and it will counter a lot of the bad karma from being a butcher.  Whoever said cats have nine lives, is probably right.  Hong Kong needs more kind animal lovers.  This story made me happy.  Namo Amitoufo!!!  _/\_  南無阿彌陀佛!!!

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