Saturday, October 22, 2011

Don't throw CDs away

I'm pretty law abiding and I do respect copyright of artists. If people can't get paid rewarded for what they do well, then why should they bother. I don't have a problem with paying for what I want to enjoy. Then it comes to region restricted DVDs. I have never liked the idea. I can understand the studios wanting to protect against piracy and illegal copying. However, what about consumer choice? I follow certain Chinese, Korean and Japanese genres. However, the movies I like might never come to Blighty. If they do, they're going to be out years after they were released in the Far East. Then comes the fact that I want the original non-censured or extended version. Why should I settle for second best? For this reason I don't find unlocking DVD players to be a problem. After all you've paid for your DVD. But you don't get region restricted music CDs. Recently I thought about purchasing more music via the likes of iTunes. After all, if it is just one of two tracks I like, why buy the whole CD. Then comes the reality, the lack of choice and the fact that they don't come in Chinese characters. They come in pinyin that looks neither Cantonese or Mandarin. It is odd, I mean are there many people who buy Cantopop or Mandopop on iTunes in the UK? But they're there. Somebody must buy it. The other gripe is that online venders like iTunes are region restricted. So great, I can't buy from iTunes back home. So the CD still rules. I can still rip for personal use. 

 To date, I've not brought much from iTunes.

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