Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cherish every minute

Earlier this year renowned kung fu legend, 56-year-old Gordon Liu (劉家輝), suffered a stroke. Gordon Liu, the star of The 36 Chambers of Shaolin is now disabled and is dependent on a wheelchair. This is such sad news. Liu is such a great guy who has such presence on and off the screen. He has over the decades attracted a global fan base. Life can never be the same following a stroke. As a martial artist, this would not be easy for somebody like Liu. Liu is known to have followed a healthy lifestyle. Like his brothers in the Lau family, have taken the traditional kung fu lifestyle to heart. Regular training protects you from many things, but who would know when something like a stroke would come. It is very sad, but we ought to learn from this. We ought to cherish every living minute. The enemy comes from within. Even after decades of training and spiritual cultivation, who can say they are indestructible? Martial artists too are only human.

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