Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pin your colours

I have lived in Blighty for many a years and I have noticed that unlike most countries, it is some sort problem if you fly the national flag.  You are free to fly the flag of any country or pseudo-government, but not the Union Flag.  Apparently it offends minority groups and makes members of these groups feel oppressed.  But hang on, you're in Britain, you live here and most likely a British subject.  What is the problem?

If you are in the USA or in France, the national flag is proudly flown the from the mast and nobody questions this.  Its a free country and the national culture, customs and faith are not questioned.  You are free to be as you are.  Even in less free countries like China and Iran, being foreign and believing in what must is not a problem.  If you don't annoy them, they don't annoy you.

It is only in Britain that the very welcoming and liberal natives welcomes foreigners with open arms and let themselves be walked over.  Multi-culturalism has clearly failed, communities don't talk, never mind trust each other.  Clan feuds and backward customs are imported in Britain.  As a Christian country, Christians or being Christian is some sort of problem.  Whilst I am not Christian, I have no issues with Christmas and Easter.  Being Chinese, we are not hindered in celebrating Chinese New Year.  On a contrary, the Brits come out in force to celebrate with us.

Britain is very welcoming and tolerant to people of all races, religions or sexual orientations.  You can practice what you want, so long as it doesn't break any laws.  It is rather upsetting that clan or religious feuds are imported and so the fighting and bickering continues.  Its important to note that where they originate, they most definitely would not have enjoyed the freedom they do in good ol' Blighty.

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