Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dating non-Asians

I have always been into just Asian women, I'm not sure why.  I went to school where the only other Chinese person was my sister.  I went through university and my intention was still to meet Asian women.  I really have to broaden out my experience.  In light of past events, I ought to try a little harder.

On the subject of dating, this song really makes me laugh.

The lyrics are greats:

Verse 1
Tell me was it my xanga? My anime or my manga?
Did I turn you away with all my references to Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist and such?

I know, I stood in line to reserve my Pokemon Pearl
I admit my share of raiding in that Warcraft World
Please give me a chance, am I asking too much?


You are the best thing that's ever happened to me
I love you more than I love rice and kim chee
At times I may be timid, at times I may be shy
But just because I'm not the white guy doesn't mean I'm not the right guy

Verse 2

You like to watch him eat with chopsticks, it's so cute to watch him try
But I've got crazy ninja chopstick skills that'd make a grown man cry!
Is it really wrong to still live at home? (with my mom...)

Not a single soul can match my skills at DDR
You know that I don't drift every time you're in my car
Is it really a crime to keep the plastic on my couch and on my phone?

Chorus 2

I need you more than "fortune" needs "cookie"
You're more important than my computer science degree
At times I may be nerdy, but that don't mean I don't try
Just because I'm not the white guy, doesn't mean I'm not the right guy


You said I was selfish cause I spent all my time on my medical degree
But you know, I was only trying to take care of you and our extended families

Chorus 3

Can't you see, I'd rather have "us" than have a wii
For you I'd get straight A's in school, never once get a single "B"
My arms are not hairy, Korean dramas make me cry
Just because I'm not the white guy doesn't mean I'm not the right guy

© 2007 Christopher Toy

*Otaku is a Japanese word for people who follow a particular interest group with great obsession.  The equivalent in English would be nerd or anorak.  However, when the term came to Taiwan and Hong Kong, the meaning extended to mean people with social phobias.

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