Saturday, April 2, 2011

A clean break

This week I feel very relaxed and considering what I am up against next week, even I am surprised.  I broke up last year after an 18 month long distance relationship.  People say that long distance relationships don't work and   generally it is true.  However, in my case, it is because I found myself with an introverted otaku* girl who has serious personal and social issues.  Facebook can be a great way to connect, but not when you are being stalked.  Some people need to get out more, but I have moved on.  I should probably done it sooner.

So why am I relieved after a year, because I no longer like being stalked and after hearing about her poor behaviour from others.  I feel I have to disconnect.  I didn't do it back then because I respect her enough to give her face and allow the thread of friendship to continue.  All this, despite many factors.  I feel very happy and refreshed.  Now that I am officially single, I am going to start meeting new people.  I am going to try and do things differently.

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